In the heart of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California, we raise Maine Coons that are GIANT in size and personality.

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Welcome to Freedom Mountain Maine Coons!

Nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California, this small family cattery began with the love and fascination of the Maine Coon, who are dubbed, "the dog of the cat world".

They are sweet, smart, adventurous, loving, affectionate and down right silly, they are sure to put a smile on your face! Freedom Mountain Maine Coons come from 100% European Maine Coon champion lines and have been imported directly from Russia.

Nova, a Maine Coon kitten, and Erin, owner of Freedom Mountain Maine Coon Cattery
Eevie a breeding queen from Freedom Mountain Maine Coon Cattery in California

The difference between a European Maine Coon and an American Maine Coon can be noticed in their physical appearance. European Maine Coons have stronger muzzles and chins, as well as taller ears with lynx-like tips. They also have a more wild appearance, while American Maine Coons have a softer, more refined look. European Maine Coons also have extra-long and bushy tails, high cheekbones, and big, square muzzles accompanied by their piercing, almond-shaped eyes.

Freedom Mountain Maine Coons is proud to produce healthy, good-tempered, and true to the type of the European Maine Coon kittens.

Please check out the Kitten Pricing & Adoption Policy page to learn how to get on the waiting list for a beautiful Freedom Mountain Maine Coon.

Our Cattery

Kittens Currently in our Cattery & Upcoming Maine Coon Litters!

Raven & Drako ARRIVED


DOB: 03/30/2024

Parents: Katerial Raven *RU and Villagecoon Sn Drako *RU


Rogue & Drako Coming Soon! Spring 2024

Parents: Katerial Rogue *RU and Villagecoon Sn Drako *RU

Eevie & Drako Coming Soon

Eevie & Drako Coming Soon! Spring/Summer 2024

Parents: Eevie of Volga's Castle *RU and Villagecoon Sn Drako *RU