Nicole Paradis, Oregon

After doing weeks of researching ethical TICA certified breeders, I found Erin of Freedom Mountain Maine Coons. The initial connection with Erin was lovely- we FaceTimed and she showed me the kitten I was interested in, along with the others in her cattery/sweet home. I fell for this boy instantly and even through all of my research felt a tiny ping of worry that maybe I’d venmo-ed thousands of dollars for a scam. Of course- that was wrong! Erin and her family met me halfway between our 5-hour driving distance and the moment them put him in my arms, I wept. This boy is true to the breed and everything she promised. Striking features, noteworthy size, playful, mellow, gentle, confident and already so loyal. He doesn’t try to hide or get away. He’s ready to join the family, like he’s always been here with us. Working with Freedom Mountain was a lovely experience for us and if/when we decide to add another Maine Coon to our family- I will be going straight their way! I’ve interacted with a number of breeders and Erin made the whole process very easy and comfortable. Others, I paid $250 just to get waitlisted for months to years with no to little & lagging communication from the breeders. Erin truly cares about the babies she sends to their new families and breeds them with authentic love and care.
 Finding our purebred baby not an easy task but Freedom Mountain Maine Coons gave us our fairytale ending. We are furrever grateful for this mini-gentle giant.

Nicole Paradis