Freedom Mountain Bugsy

Status: Graduates

Gender: Male

Born: 04/08/2023

Parents: Eevie of Volga's Castle *RU and Kiliman”Jaro” ~ Forest Lynx Yantar *RU

Meet Freedom Mountain Bugsy!

This heart breaker may be little now but he is going to be HUGE!

Bugsy is a Classic Black Tabby, with heavy gold tones and silver highlights, making for a stunning and unique color combination.

He has such an amazing personality, with a perfect blend of character traits from Eevie and Jaro. We are so proud of him and how he is maturing.

Bugsy, now Bennie, is living his best life with his amazing and devoted family in Oregon. Bennie plans on becoming certified as a Service Cat, and visit children with special needs. We love you Bugsy/Bennie!