Kitten Pricing & Adoption Policy

We are a small cattery only producing a few litters per year from 100% champion European Maine Coon bloodlines.

We take extra care in making sure our kittens are healthy and sound. All of our litters are registered with TICA and to make sure our breeding lines maintain their integrity, they will be sold as "Pets" only.

Adopting a Freedom Mountain Kitten


Our prices range between $2500 to $3500 per kitten, depending on the color variations and type.


Our final color evaluations and price of kittens will be done at 6 weeks.

Reserving a Kitten

Due to the delicacy of newborn kittens, we do not take reservations until they are 8 weeks old, and have had their first Vet check & health tests have been received, or which ever comes first. 

Guardian Application for Wait List

If you wish to get on our waiting list, the first step is to complete this Guardian Application.

Waitlist Fee

Once you have been approved as a qualified Guardian, the second step is to submit a $500 nonrefundable deposit  in order to secure your place on the list. Your $500 deposit will go towards the final purchase price of your kitten, and you will know your place in the right to pick line. This process also allows us to focus on the families who are serious and are committed to becoming part of the Freedom Mountain Maine Coon Family.

Securing Your Kitten

Once the final price has been set for your kitten, and you wish to reserve it, you must complete and submit our contract along with a 50% non-refundable deposit of the purchase price, this deposit will be put towards your final purchase price.

The remaining balance is due 5 business days prior to picking up your kitten. In the event the kitten is being shipped, the remaining balance is due and payable 5 days prior to shipment.

Pick-Up or Delivery of Your Kitten

In the event, you cannot pick up the kitten from our cattery, we can help deliver your cat to you in two ways:

  • we can deliver the kitten to you for $3.00 per mile up to 200 miles.
  • we can fly the kitten to you using a "nanny" who will fly with the kitten in the cabin, and meet you at the airport (price is not included in the purchase and will vary depending on ticket and airline documentation requirements)
  • under no circumstances will we ship our kittens as cargo

What do I get with my kitten?

  • A five year health guarantee against Cardiomyopathy, Polycystic Kidney Disease, & Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Health guarantee VOID if kitten has access to the outdoors
  • Health Certificate signed by Veterinarian
  • TICA Registration Papers & transfer of ownership
  • Vaccinations & Dewormed up to a 12-week schedule
  • "Welcome Home" gift set

Kitten Purchase Agreement

  • Payment of the reservation deposit constitutes acceptance by the Purchaser of the terms and conditions of the Purchase Agreement
  • The non-refundable deposit shall be applied towards the final purchase price of the kitten. The balance shall be due and payable 5 business days prior to picking up your kitten.
  • The purchase price does NOT include the cost of shipping. Seller warrants that the kitten is healthy and in good condition at the time the kitten is shipped to the Purchaser, as warranted by a veterinarian's health certificate.
  • This cat or kitten is purchased for pet only [NO BREEDING RIGHTS]. Purchaser agrees to have the kitten spayed or neutered before its 6 (six) month birthday. Purchaser agrees to provide proof of veterinarian procedure by 6 (six) months of age. There are so many scammers and backyard breeders out there, this is our solution to combat the problem, while ensuring the proper development of our kittens.
  • Purchaser agrees to keep vaccinations and health checks up-to-date, to provide a clean environment for your kitten, to never allow this cat to roam freely outdoors, to never place this cat in a laboratory or pet shop, and to never declaw the cat.
  • All kittens must be picked up by the time they are 12 weeks old, and picked up or shipped no later than 14 weeks old unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties.
  • After 15 weeks old, the kitten will be considered abandoned and the deposit will be forfeited and the kitten resold.
  • The purpose of the deposit is to ensure the Purchaser's intent to purchase the kitten. The deposit is non-refundable, should the Purchaser, for any reason, change their mind and decide to not buy a kitten. A breach of this agreement either verbal, written, or through neglect or failure to communicate by the Purchaser jeopardizes the chances of placing the kitten in a new home, as quickly as possible.
  • Purchaser may be given a price range for the kitten upon payment of the deposit. Purchaser understands that the final price may not be set until the kitten is 8 weeks old. Once the final price has been determined, Seller will send Purchaser the Purchase Contract to review, and sign.
  • Seller reserves the right to refuse to sell the kitten to the Purchaser at any time prior to the kitten's pick-up or shipment. If in the Seller's opinion, it is discovered that the Purchaser is not suited to care for a kitten, Seller shall notify Purchaser of this decision in writing, along with the reasons, with a refunded deposit. At which time, all agreements are null and void.
  • In addition, it is very important to Freedom Mountain Maine Coons to ensure that our kitten is going to the best possible home. We love to maintain relationships with our clients, and we are always here to share the journey of their new family member.
  • If in the event, the Purchaser can no longer care for the kitten or cat purchased from Freedom Mountain, they must contact us and release ownership back to Freedom Mountain without a refund.