Rogue & Drako Coming Soon! Winter/Spring 2024

Toe beans, toe beans, and MORE toe beans!!!! We are over the moon with the bringing polydactyl cats into our breeding program! With Rogue being 66/44 we have to potential of toe bean overload! We anticipate these litters to produce colors of black tabby, blue smoke, black smoke, and silver tabby’s. We might be more…

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Raven & Drako Coming Soon! Winter/Spring 2024

This litter cannot come soon enough! We will be blessed with bundles of black smokes, blue smokes, and silver tabby’s with this pairing! The beautiful blending of these parent’s features will only emphasize their strong muzzles, lynx-tip ears, piercing eyes, and long bushy tails.

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Sosha & Drako Coming Soon! Winter/Spring 2024

upcoming litters

We are are beyond excited for this pairing! We hope for a successful pairing with kittens born late fall or early winter. We anticipate a variety of colors from this exquisite match. Ranging from blue smoke, classic black tabby, classic silver tabby, rare blue torbie, rare black torbie, and even maybe a red tabby. The…

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